Who We Are
TEDMOB is a one-stop-shop for developing advanced Mobile Applications & Solutions as well as providing innovative Digital Services in Lebanon and the Region. We work for various Media Companies, Telecom Operators, Enterprises and Content Providers, as well as Startups
Why Tedmob?
TEDMOB has strict criteria for Perfection that reflects from our high quality work Standards. Our Experts are constantly engaged in rendering the best and advanced Mobile Technology Solutions right throughout the Layout Architecture, Development, Deployment and complete after service Support for absolute Perfect Business Solutions
What We Do Off Premises
Find out what the team is doing around the world
A Team that Plays Together, Stays Together!
We love taking breaks from technology and spending some quality time together in our natural surroundings.
Typical Day At The Office
Take a sneak peak at our team in action
TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More
The Office is the place where Ideas, Creativity, Innovation & Success become real.
From Project Management meetings and Design discussions to Lunch breaks & Internal weekly meetings, we divide the tasks and multiply the Success while enjoying every day's Sunset!!
Technology . Entertainment . Development