TEDMOB CEO: “We don’t just build your digital business, we accelerate it!”

TEDMOB CEO: “We don’t just build your digital business, we accelerate it!”

TELECOM-REVIEW | 16, May 2021

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TEDMOB: Let Lebanon’s leading mobile apps, e-commerce, loyalty solutions, B2B , and web development agency take your business to the next level, with teams in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

TEDMOB has been helping its clients solve business problems for the past 6 years. With its innovative solutions, the agency has been accompanying businesses to achieve digital transformation. In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Mario Hachem, CEO, Tedmob highlighted the company’s role in accelerating digital business.

First of all, can you explain Tedmob’s scope of business and the services it provides to its clients?

TEDMOB is a digital transformation agency with 28 developers based in Lebanon. We help clients solve business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy, and craft.

We are a design and technology agency that builds world class products and helps businesses and brands succeed in the digital age.

We’re a new kind of agency uniting business, experience and technology. Our digital transformation services support businesses from consultancy to design, delivery and beyond.

A dedicated team of strategists, creatives and technologists work in collaboration to transform and enhance the way people see and interact with their everyday technology.

From traditional to digital and everything in between, we cover the following industries: e-commerce and retail, telecom, e-government, banking and fintech, media and entertainment, even startups.

When was Tedmob founded? How did its services evolve with the technological evolution to meet ensuing requirements?

Founded in June 2015, TEDMOB is a dynamic, diverse and passionate place to be.

We work hard to create a place where people love to spend time, where careers flourish and everyone enjoys the best possible conditions for creating great work that transforms brands.

No matter the solution, our developers and engineers combine agile product development with the latest frameworks to reduce technical debt and build scalable solutions that work for users and businesses.

We create intuitive, simple, and engaging experiences for all users, on any screen size – and from any device.

Do you think the VAS market has reached a certain maturity level in Lebanon? How do you manage to differentiate the company?

So far, the expansion of the VAS market in Lebanon was noticeable. The sector has achieved a remarkable growth in the past few years, ranging from basic telecommunication services to innovative value-added services solutions (VAS).

Our technological edge, commitment to R&D, and focus on revenue-generating solutions, allow us to assist telecom operators in shaping their product innovation and help them to develop TTO products: Through The Operators!

Digital transformation has gained ground due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How can Tedmob contribute to the digital transformation of its customers?

To stay competitive in this new era, businesses and economic environments required new strategies and practices to be able to maintain sustainability during these hard times. 

And this is where our role started. TEDMOB supported the digital transformation of different businesses in the pandemic and insured their consistency and operational continuity throughout the lockdown.

We made sure to put our expertise in growth marketing, tech development, user experience and UI / UX on the table to maintain and enhance their revenues.

We don’t just build your digital business, we accelerate it!

We deliver rich and high quality services by combining business requirements and core coding for the best customized digital transformation solutions.

How important is it for businesses to embrace digital transformation and innovate today?

The only option for businesses nowadays to achieve sustainability is to embrace digital transformation and the new industrial revolution: the shift towards having innovative technologies and online presence.

Most companies have started to digitize at least a part of their businesses to serve their employees and customers that face mobility restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic.

As a CEO of a tech company I have recently stated: “We are witnessing what will surely be remembered as a historic deployment of remote work and digital access to services across every domain.”

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