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Lebanon's startup clusters go beyond Beirut

Lebanon's startup clusters go beyond Beirut

WAMDA | 08, May 2016

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Lebanon's startup clusters go beyond Beirut

As Lebanon develops its tech startup culture to become a serious player in the region, the capital of Beirut has become the country’s undisputed hub for innovation, investment and networking.

The suburbs Downtown, Sodeco and Hamra are home to thriving tech companies, some of which have gone global. And these days, tech talks and workshops are weekly rituals, often attracting regional and international attendees.

But as Beirut’s buzz has grown, tech clusters outside the capital have quietly emerged. 

Beirut’s northern suburbs

Most of the startup activity just north of Beirut is centered around Dbayeh. The seaside suburb known for its restaurants, shopping centers, nightclubs and seaside promenade, is also home to some of Lebanon’s most established tech firms. These include the music-streaming app Anghami, the photo-sharing app Dermandar, the heart-monitoring device Cardiodiagnostics and the app development company Tedmob in the same building.

As the town’s ambitious marina, with attached business park, is constructed it is expected that more tech firms will set up shop in the area.

“Everyone is moving here. For me, Dbayeh is booming,” said Tedmob founder and CEO Mario Hachem, while sitting at his sea-view office as the sun was setting. “Beirut is expensive, and the Internet here is better.”

“[And] in the morning, I’m going against the traffic.”

Although many of these startups and tech companies outside of Beirut are still in their infancy, the fact that they have taken the step to establish themselves in different parts of Lebanon is a possible sign that these entrepreneurs see the potential in their own backyards.

Author: Brooke Anderson

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